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The Centers for Disease Control has established a Bioterrorism Program to ensure the rapid development of federal, state, and local capacity to address potential bioterrorism events. The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) published by the Centers for Disease Control notifies clinicians of serious ongoing and emerging infectious disease threats. Weekly Epidemiological Record. Information on cases and outbreaks of diseases under the International Health Regulations and on other communicable diseases of public health importance, including emerging or re-emerging infection International Health Regulations. An international legal instrument that is binding on 194 countries across the globe, including all the Member States of WHO Clinicians Biosecurity Network. Update on Personal Protective Equipment
How To Make The 'Ebola Bomb': Why You Should Stop Worrying About ...
Although Ebola infection of animals through aerosol particles can be effective, it has not successfully been transferred with this method to humans (Manoj Karwa, Brian Currie and Vladimir Kvetan, “Bioterrorism: Preparing for the impossible or the ...

Bioterrorism - Plague As A Biological Weapon
Science 2.0
Introduction: Bioterrorism is the utilization of microorganisms or toxins in order to produce a disease and/or death in human beings, animals or plants. Different from conventional weaponry, relatively economic means are used that allow the elimination ...

Bioterrorism Response Drill Volunteers Needed
Irving Weekly
The Irving Office of Emergency Management will be partnering with Dallas County Health and Human Services to conduct a Bioterrorism response drill in October. We are in need of volunteers willing to play the role of patients for the Irving Point of ...

Medicine dispensing drill preps capitol employees for emergencies
Charleston Gazette
Although the project is the result of nearly three years of emergency preparedness planning and does not suggest a specific threat against capitol employees, Messina said the drill focused on anthrax because of its widespread use in bioterrorism ...

New lab incidents fuel fear, safety concerns in Congress
Four days later at Colorado State University's bioterrorism lab, a worker failed to ensure dangerous bacteria had been killed before shipping specimens — some of them still able to grow — to another lab where a worker unwittingly handled them without ...

Old SARS Iso-Tubes Are Keeping Ebola Patients Alive On Planes
Gizmodo India
A rapid response team there was designed to handle not just conventional contagious outbreaks like SARS, Ebola, or Hemorrhagic Fever in exotic locales, but also to respond to any bioterrorism attacks on American soil. Per the CDC, every step that could ...

How to Make the "Ebola Bomb"
The Maritime Executive
There is a risk that bioterrorism could cause dissenting views among followers, and that public approval and opinion may channel the way a group operates. After all, terrorists are political communicators, wanting to bring attention to their grievances ...

Winged Wednesday: Invaders bring bird-killing botulism
Great Lakes Echo
One suspect is bloodworms, which can live in low-oxygen environments. Further complicating matters is botulism's toxicity: It's considered a bioterrorism concern, so researchers can't just go out and grow it. “We understand that there are weather ...

Are The Threats From Synthetic Bioweapons Being Exaggerated?
Most leading biological disarmament and non-proliferation experts believe that the risk of a small-scale bioterrorism attack is very real and present. But they consider the risk of sophisticated large-scale bioterrorism attacks to be quite small. This ...

Adventures in Flagstaff bioscience
Arizona Daily Sun
Keim's work isn't limited to bioterrorism-related pathogen tracking, though. He has also become an expert in the plague after he began studying the spread of bubonic plague in prairie dogs around Flagstaff. Northern Arizona is a hotspot for the disease ...

Gov. Perry helps dedicate Pandemic Influenze Vaccine Facility
The Glen Rose Reporter
This $91 million, state-of-the-art influenza-vaccine manufacturing facility, a partnership between Texas A&M University and GlaxoSmithKline, will help protect against infectious disease and the threat of bioterrorism. “Providing true security involves ...

'Prepare for challenges as Nigeria's population hits 300m in 2030'
The Guardian Nigeria
... the application of modern biotechnology in our national development by providing more funding; and attention should be paid to the ease with which conventional facilities for biotechnology can be refocused towards production of agents of bioterrorism.

Perry, A&M dedicate key element of vaccine center
Sacramento Bee
The Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Facility is a cornerstone of the College Station school's growing center to battle contagious diseases and bioterrorism. Officials say the center — dubbed the Texas A&M Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and ...

Highland receives designation as disaster partner
Picayune Item
This designation also helps the hospital provide proper care for victims of some other disaster, such as a train derailment that involved chemicals, a bus accident on the interstate or an act of bioterrorism, through regular drill training. These ...

Officials: US, World Ill-Prepared, Too Vulnerable to Pandemic
Congress in 2004 passed "Project Bioshield" to finance medical countermeasures against bioterrorism, and the effort was joined in 2013 with the Pandemic and All Hazards Preparedness Reauthorization Act. Still, "dangerous gaps remain," Gottlieb and Troy ...

Building an emergency health response
Washington Post (blog)
We've created unique partnerships with industry to develop new drugs, vaccines, and diagnostic tests to help protect health in bioterrorism incidents and pandemics; we have a dozen we didn't have 10 years ago and more on the way. We've done a lot to ...

Heroin's Anthrax Problem
Discover Magazine (blog)
Anthrax is widely feared for its potential as an agent of bioterrorism; the media-induced panic attack that is occasionally invoked usually relies on images of shadowy terrorist cells spraying spores from planes above cities or perhaps into malls ...

Roundup: New A&M Center, Funds for Ortho Kinematics, Encore Vision
GSK is the largest of the university's 19 partners in developing the center, which will be one of three tasked with rapidly responding to both outbreaks of naturally occurring infectious diseases and bioterrorism. The other two centers are located in ...

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Oxygen supplies in disaster management. (Jan 2013)
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